Cloud Security Best Practices

Cloud Security Best Practices

Digital transformation provides many benefits for 律师事务所, 政府机构 和企业. It can empower your staff to collaborate more effectively from anywhere, 在任何设备, knowing that vital data is protected against cyberthreats. 它还可以减少管理技术基础结构所需的时间,以便为组织提供更多的资源.

Cloud technology is central to achieving these benefits. 云计算革命是由各种规模的组织之间的实现所推动的——如果它们能够将IT基础设施和广泛的业务云顶集团功能委托给可信的合作伙伴,那么它们可以通过其核心活动创造更多的价值.

As digital information becomes increasingly central to growth, so does your responsibility to keep it secure. A more diverse ecosystem of devices and applications, the growing tendency toward 远程工作, and proliferating cyberthreats combine to create unique challenges. 你今天所做的选择将会对你的组织创造价值的能力产生深远的影响,并在一个联系日益紧密的全球环境中茁壮成长.

Taking advantage of the investment and experience of cloud providers in security, 合规, 隐私可以帮助您实现云的许多提高生产力的好处,同时保护您的组织并降低风险. 云技术可以减轻IT和法律部门的负担,同时使您能够从全球规模中受益, intelligent threat detection, and deep connected global environment.

Improve Protection with a Unified Solution

充分利用云技术的力量,同时使用微软365获得先进的安全功能, which includes Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10, as well as Office 365 ProPlus. 与微软365, 通过在一个设计为跨整个组织工作的智能解决方案中使用基于身份的安全性和遵从性方法,让正确的人员访问他们需要的信息,您可以实现更安全的协作.

5 Cloud Security Best Practices


  1. 为您的员工提供更多的灵活性,同时保持对数据使用的控制, unified identity solution
  2. Gain the power of intelligent security
  3. Get control over mobile, SaaS, and line-of-business applications
  4. Minimize privileged access
  5. Enable single sign-on for maximum security and user convenience

Give Your Staff More Flexibility with a Unified Identity Solution

You want your employees to be able to work anywhere, 在任何设备, without an overly cumbersome IT process. 员工并不是您希望能够连接到系统的唯一用户. 志愿者, 捐助者, 受益人, and other outside partners also may need access to some parts of your organization.

今天,您组织网络的“外部”不再由您的防火墙定义, 而是通过您的员工和其他外部关联人员用来登录您的网络的凭据, often from 远程 locations. 在这种环境下, identity is the new difference-maker, 使您能够提供广泛的访问,同时控制整个基础设施中的数据和标识用户活动.

使用微软365的组织可以使用Azure Active Directory (AD)来集中身份和访问管理,并实现深度合规管理, 治理, 和生产力, 在设备, data, 应用程序, 和基础设施. Azure AD simplifies 合规 and security, and is built to work for 应用程序 in the cloud, 在移动设备上, 或本地.

Gain the Power of Intelligent Security

Cyberthreats continue to evolve at a rapid pace, 这使得传统的基于签名的恶意云顶集团识别工具难以跟上. 您的组织需要智能安全性,以便能够在新出现的威胁造成问题之前识别它们.

微软365 can help. Using vast computational analytics resources, 微软分析了来自超过10亿台Windows设备的数据和超过4亿条每月的电子邮件信息,以检测新的网络攻击的早期阶段. The result is the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. With Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection in 微软365, 该智能应用于您的组织,以检测IT生态系统中的异常情况,并自动防范零日威胁.

通过将从智能安全图获得的见解与收集的关于特定网络上的威胁的数据连接起来, 微软365提供了一条由机器学习和大数据驱动的双向改进之路.

Get Control Over Mobile, Cloud & Line-of-Business Applications

您的员工可能依赖越来越多的内部和第三方工具来完成他们的工作, including cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) 应用程序, such as Citrix and Dropbox.

在过去, 保持对移动应用程序的可见性和控制需要将设备完全登记到移动设备管理解决方案中. 现在, 与微软365, 您可以使用Intune中的移动应用程序管理(MAM)从一个基于云的解决方案管理内部和外部应用程序.

和老妈, 你的员工可以使用他们已经知道的Office移动设备和业务应用程序,保持高效并安全地访问必要的信息. MAM ensures data security by helping to restrict actions like copy, 减少, 粘贴, and save as to only those 应用程序 managed by Intune.

Minimize Privileged Access

A key principle of modern security is ensuring least-privilege access, 这意味着在最短的时间内为用户提供最少的管理权限. This reduces the chance of a malicious user having high-level access, or an authorized user inadvertently impacting a sensitive resource.

Using Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM), you have granular control over access privileges to your IT resources. You can easily see which users are assigned, 并使需, 对Microsoft在线服务(如Office 365)的“即时”管理访问. You can also see a history of administrator activation, including any changes administrators made to Azure resources.

Enable Single Signon

Many organizations rely on SaaS applications such as Office 365, 盒子, and Salesforce to help boost staff productivity. 从历史上看, IT部门需要分别在每个SaaS应用程序中创建和更新用户帐户, and employees had to remember a different password for each SaaS application. 另一种方法是让用户为每个服务创建自己的、可能不安全的凭据. The more identities they have, the more likely they are to forget or lose one of them, creating a potential security risk.

通过为用户提供跨所有类型应用程序的方便的单点登录, 您可以帮助减少与拥有多个身份相关的风险和头痛. Azure AD extends on-premises AD into the cloud, 使您的员工能够使用他们的主要组织帐户登录到他们的域连接设备和公司资源, as well as to all the web and SaaS applications they use to do their jobs. 可以根据组成员身份和员工身份自动发放或取消发放应用程序访问. 此外,Azure AD与当今许多流行的SaaS应用程序进行了开箱即用的集成.

Cloud Best Practice Implementation

因为你的组织正在追求数字技术的力量来改变你的工作方式, 采用最新的云解决方案可以帮助您利用更无缝的协作和更大的创造力,同时更容易留住用户, data, and systems protected – especially when you partner with 云顶集团.

让我们用强大的微软新工具来帮助您提高安全性和遵从性,以提供高度安全, 然而,无缝, workplace experiences, while minimizing complexity and reliance on third-party applications.

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