The Case for 白手套IT支持 & Service for Law Firm 技术

Law Firm White Glove 云顶集团登录

Few businesses escaped 2020 without disruption and the legal industry was no exception.

With 远程ly working lawyers suddenly not having immediate assistance from their administrative teams, the right technology and a reliable partner for ensuring its upkeep became critical to maintaining business and client continuity.

From billing and collections to case and document management, to Zoom recruiting and onboarding, layered on top of the need for excellent client communication tools, the business of law has come to depend on its technology in ways that are likely to continue long after everyone is free to return to the office.

And while 律师事务所 shared many of the same challenges as every other business in 2020, their day-to-day technology needs are highly specialized and the problems that can arise from disruptions to service or 网络安全 threats can look very different.

Make Every Hour Count with an Experienced Law Firm IT Provider

The choice of an IT partner for your law firm is as important as your choice of the right technology. That’s part of the reason we count so many 律师事务所 among our clients.

在GO科技集团, deep experience in working with 律师事务所 makes us the right partner for ensuring that you get the 白色手套 service you need, with 云顶集团登录, consulting and problem solving that is never more than a 电话 call away.

With a 15-minute response time, the 走技术团队 is always available to troubleshoot, educate or assess threats to your system.

Our services start with a customized assessment of your IT infrastructure that identifies the right technology, support and training resources to ensure your partners and associates can work the way they need to without technology disruption. We will also develop a backup plan for the ongoing protection of your firm against cybercriminals, ransomware攻击 and loss of data based on your risk tolerance. It’s a holistic approach that includes management of your other third-party tech vendors and regular re-assessment to ensure that your system is keeping up with the demands of your business.

How GO 技术 Serves 律师事务所

Don’t trust your IT managed services to a cookie cutter provider. GO 技术 keeps you covered with deep legal tech expertise, customized technology and the first-rate customer service you need to put your IT challenges to rest. Our law firm clients enjoy:

  • Unmatched speed to response with 15-minute support time, and 95% of issues resolved within an hour
  • 微软365 and email administration
  • Active monitoring of client applications
  • Redundant back-ups and ransomware protection
  • Cost-effective managed services
  • Transparent billing and accessibility
  • 技术培训
  • Oversight of copier dealer and managed print services provider (MPS) relationships and investments
  • Implementation and oversight of cost-effective IP语音(网络电话) 电话 service


If your law firm is in need of reliable, 白色手套, 云顶集团登录, get started with a 云顶集团 technology landscape assessment. We will assess your situation and needs, plan your technology improvements, 实现这个计划, and provide the support you need to get back to focusing on your clients.

联系 us to learn more about 云顶集团登录 for 律师事务所